Khan GS Research Centre 2023 UPSC Batch Price!

Khan Sir is a social media influencer, motivational speaker, and educator or teacher from India. He is the founder and director of the Khan GS Research Centre, a Patna, Bihar, tutoring centre for competitive exams. Khan Sir is renowned for his special teaching strategies, which usually involve his sense of humour and actual examples from everyday life to clarify tough concepts. He is one of the most well-liked educators in India and has over 20 million YouTube subscribers.

Who Is Khan Sir?

Khan Sir is a well-known Indian educator who specializes in teaching GK/GS subjects in a distinctive manner. He established the Khan GS Research Center. 

He initially began instructing at a coaching facility where he had just six learners. After then, the number of students increased to 50 and 60, and eventually, Khan Sir began tutoring more than 150 children. In an interview, he stated that he had grown to be so well-liked by his students that the coaching centre’s owner was concerned that if he left, the students might follow him. After that in 2019, he started a YouTube channel, Khan GS Research Centre, where he started uploading videos of various issues, especially current affairs. Soon, the channel became very popular for its unique style of teaching, and the channel went on to have more than 21.3 Million Subscribers.

In 2020, he launched an app, Khan Global Studies, on Google Play Store.

Khan Gs Research Centre Courses

Khan Gs Research Centre (Khan Sir) launch multiple courses on its website like UP POLICE, Bihar Daroga, and BPSC Batch. Khan Gs Research Centre Provides different courses that are given below:

  • UPSC
  • GK/GS
  • MAP

But Khan Sir Recently Launched a most popular course of UPSC Batch and the most interesting part of this course is its very affordable price with India’s most valuable teacher.

Khan Gs Research Centre UPSC Online Batch Pricing

Khan sir launch a batch UPSC in two languages and two modes online and offline English & Hinglish

  • The price of UPSC English Batch online is 10000/-
  • The price of UPSC Hinglish Batch online is 10000/

Khan Gs Research Centre UPSC Offline Batch Pricing

  • UPSC English Medium Batch Price is 79500/-
  • UPSC Hindi Medium Batch Price is 69500/-

Khan Sir Company Name

Khan Sir Registered his Company Name as Khan Global Studies Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 5th Floor, Graphix Tower, A13A, Electronic City Metro Sta Rd, Block A,

Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309

Khan Global Studies Pvt. Ltd official website.

Impact on Students of Khan Gs Research Centre 

The impact of Khan Sir’s educational efforts has been nothing short of revolutionary. He has inspired countless students, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds, to dream big and pursue higher education. Students who once felt intimidated by competitive exams now find the confidence to face them head-on, thanks to his guidance and support.

Notably, Khan Sir has been instrumental in encouraging female students to break societal barriers and enter male-dominated fields like engineering and medicine.

Challenges and Future Aspirations of Khan Gs Research Centre

Despite the tremendous success, Khan Sir faces challenges like scaling up his operations, improving infrastructure, and ensuring sustainability. As the academy continues to grow, maintaining the same level of personal touch and individual attention will be crucial.

Khan Sir’s future aspirations are not limited to just expanding his academy. He envisions an educational system that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in students. He advocates for a more student-centric approach that focuses on holistic development rather than just exam-oriented learning.


Khan Sir’s journey from a small-town educator to a transformative force in the Indian education system is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and unconventional thinking. Through his innovative teaching methods and dedication to making education accessible to all, he has proved that true empowerment lies in sharing knowledge and nurturing young minds.

As the legacy of Khan Sir continues to inspire future generations, it serves as a reminder that anyone, regardless of their background, can make a significant impact on society through education and compassion. His story will undoubtedly continue to resonate with educators, students, and changemakers alike, reminding us that the path to a better world begins with a commitment to empower and educate.